Recommended reading journey for you...

I believe there is a message inside every book. The books below have sent me on a journey and some have and will become guests on The Good Grief Conversation Podcast. I hope they help you with your journey. 

Also, these are affiliate links and the financial benefit supports the growth of the podcast, so thank you for your support. Janet x

Seven Lessons For Living From The Dying

Author, Dr. Karen Wyatt, compassionately takes us through these seven lessons and shares 'How to Nurture What Really Matters'.

Karen was a fabulous guest on the podcast and her book helped me greatly in beginning to understand life a little more after losing my son, Murray. 

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Proof of Heaven

Dr. Eben Alexander shares the story of his Near-Death Experience with great clarity. 

To help with my shock, I needed to know where my son had gone. This book helped me to start to piece my spiritual journey together. 

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Map of Heaven

In Dr. Eben Alexander's follow up book, he shares the way to get to Heaven. This is a spiritual map, not the ten commandments. 

I was hungry to know more of the journey, I was now starting to believe, that Murray took. 

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A Grief Observed

C.S Lewis, the classic scholar and Christian, dissects the heart-breaking loss of his beloved wife after a short marriage, with brutal honesty. 

I needed brutal honesty at the most brutal time of my life. I needed someone to tell me how it is. I believe only then can you stand up and start the next part of your journey.

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Beyond Tears, living after the loss of a child

I needed to know that mothers survived this loss. The book Beyond Tears by Ellen Mitchell shared stories of other mothers with who I could identify. 

Knowing you are not alone and others continued to live is one of the first steps to recovery.

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